The new PPH lightweight helmet portfolio developed by CES Advanced Armour provides the optimum blend of high level ballistic protection and comfort. Integrated retention and suspension systems together with the composite ballistic shell equip the modern combat and law enforcement personnel with versatile protection.

Seamless composite shell made with best in class Ultra High Molecuları Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) material provides robust protection.

Exceptional ballistic protection against bullet and fragmentation threats without compromising on blunt trauma.

Integrated retention and modular pad systems provide impact protection, stability and increased comfort.

Lightweight three or one-hole NVG shroud, side rails and bungees accommodate tactical accessories such as communication systems, gas masks, night vision googles and cameras.

Improved geometry similar to Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) enables better situational awareness together with superior field of vision (PASGT & MICH shape helmets are also available).

Weight & Performance

CES Advanced Armour PPH helmets are available in four sizes and three standard colours (Olive Green Tan and Black). Other colours and textures are available upon request.

  Weight1 (kg) Fragment Protection2 Ballistic Protection3 Cut Style
PPH 101H 1.15 >720m/s 436 m/s Full Cut
PPH 101M 1.19 >720m/s 436 m/s Mid Cut
PPH 101F 1.25 >720m/s 436 m/s High Cut
PPH 102H 1.23 >740m/s 436 m/s Full Cut
PPH 102M 1.26 >740m/s 436 m/s Mid Cut
PPH 102F 1.30 >740m/s 436 m/s High Cut


Other colors available upon request.


Customized sizes are available.

1Weight value for a Medium size helmet including padding and retention system.

2According to STANAG 2920 17gr FSP
(up to >1,000 m/s with additional plates).

3Ballistic protection against 9mm FMJ RN (Full Metal Jacketed Round Nose) according to NIJ0106.01. Higher ballistic protection is available stand alone and together with add-on plates.

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