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Advanced Composite Products

Advanced Composite

Defence - Aviation

CES has a wide range of advanced composite products due to its years of expertise and involvement in aviation and defense industries, providing tailor-made solutions to leading platform manufacturers. Extensive knowledge of CES has enabled the development of a leading range of products for a broad spectrum of applications. Our team has the expertise in material selection, design and production of composite parts for variety of use.With years of experience and well-equipped facility, our experts are capable of converting metal components to lightweight composite parts enhancing the requirements given by the end-user.



Advanced Composite


CES is the approved supplier of global players in aviation. Meeting international standards and having quality certificates such as AS9100 and NADCAP, enables CES to reach the highest quality manufacturing and delivery on time.

Advanced Composite


The engineering team of CES works side by side with major land vehicle manufacturers in order to help them reduce weight without sacrificing mechanical properties. Composites also add design flexibility and easy assembly to the vehicles.

Advanced Composite


Reduced weight, design and engineering flexibility, anti-corrosion products put CES forward among competitors for armour, cupola, radom, antenna, sonar dome in marine sector projects.