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    Company Profile

    CES Advanced Composites & Defense Technologies Inc. has established itself as a designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced composite parts and assemblies. Moreover, It has taken its place among the world’s leading manufacturers of ballistic protective solutions with its investments.

    It has the infrastructure, capability and capacity to position  itself as the leading supplier of advanced composite materials, ballistic protective products, engineering services and tooling equipment in the local market and targeted global composites and defense market.

    With its expertise in composite material design, development and production, CES’s know-how has enabled the development of a leading range of products for a broad spectrum of applications. As well as focusing on the defense and aerospace industry, CES is continuing its research and development activities to utilise its expertise in land and naval platforms, whilst increasing its capacity in ballistic plates manufacturing. CES’s ballistic armour product portfolio includes helmet, vest, insert, Bomb/EOD Search Cloth, Add-on Armour and Spall Liner.