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We carry out process controls of each composite or ballistic protective products that we produce in accordance with the quality management system.

Quality Control Equipment

LaserTracker Equipment with portable measuring arm for 3D digitizing, 3D modelling, point cloud inspections, reverse engineering. 7 Axis and 2,5 m Diamater.

2 different Portable Ultrasonic NDT Equipment for defect detection on laminate and sandwich parts.

Universal Testing Machine; 100 kN for Tensile, Compression and 3 Point Bending Tests.

DMA; Dynamic Mechanical Analyser

DSC; Calorimetry scanning from –180 degree up to +725 degree celcius.

Paint Thickness Inspection Equipment with 0-2 mm and Resolution: 1µm

Ultrasonic Paint Thickness Inspection Equipment Range: 0-13 mm and Resolution: 1µm