Quality Management System And Certifications

CES Advanced Composites and Defense Technologies Inc. gives priorty to reliability and maintainability and has established a quality management system based on customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Policy is to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in all aspects.

AS EN 9100 Rev C: Quality Management Systems

Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense


*NADCAP Certification for Composite


(to be concluded by mid 2017)

ISO 9001:2008

Airbus Helicopters Process Certifications

Quality Control Equipment

LaserTracker Equipment with portable measuring arm for 3D digitizing, 3D modelling, point cloud inspections, reverse engineering. 7 Axis and 2,5 m Diamater.

2 different Portable Ultrasonic NDT Equipment for defect detection on laminate and sandwich parts.

Universal Testing Machine; 100 KN for Tensile, Compression and 3 Point Bending Tests under Static Loads up to 200 degrees.

DMA; Dual Countilever for Tensile and 3 Point Bending Tests under Dynamic Loads.

DSC; Calorimetry scanning from – 90 degree up to 600 degree celcius.

Destructive Paint Thickness Inspection Equipment with 0-2 mm and Resolution: 1µm

Ultrasonic Paint Thickness Inspection Equipment Range: 0-13mm and Resolution: 1µm